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Several years ago, the University of Iowa Retirees Association and the University of Iowa Emeritus Faculty Association published a handbook for the purpose of providing pertinent information for retirees and prospective retirees. A published document of this nature is expensive to produce and distribute. Attempting to maintain currency of material that inevitably changes frequently is of even greater concern. As a result, the handbook has not been reissued even though there is thought to be a need for this type of information to be readily available to retirees. The accessibility of web sites and the relative ease in updating their content has led to the decision to employ this method for the dissemination of the desired material. 

This web site has been designed to provide only a general outline of those materials that can best be described in detail by the originators. The procedure is to provide links to appropriate web sites so that the individual can access up-to-date and accurate information directly from the sources. This applies especially to material related to University benefits, TIAA/CREF,  IPERS, Medicare and Social Security policies. A single web site will be used as a starting point with links provided to the other pertinent sites. In this way, basic information of general interest will be made readily available with a clear path provided to access more detailed information on specific topics. 

It should be acknowledged that the basic outline of the material presented here follows that of the original handbook. The work of the handbook committee has provided an invaluable basis for the preparation of the web site and we wish to thank them for their efforts. 

 Every effort has been made to insure that the material included is accurate as of the date it is posted. However, it should be clear that this is only an attempt to provide easier access to information. Responsibility for retirement or benefit choices made is entirely that of the individual. 

Almost certainly some details have been overlooked or some materials that should have been included have not been and perhaps some that are irrelevant have been. It is hoped that you will let us know about these so that they can be modified or included in subsequent postings. An e-mail to will be forwarded to the appropriate person.


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