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ES Guidelines for Instructors


Instructors should provide testing accommodations as they are able. Instructors have the option of using SDS Exam Services to provide testing accommodations.

As the instructor, if you have decided to use SDS Exam Services to administer your exam(s) to the student, please note the following instructions and guidelines:

  • SDS Exam Services hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Exams cannot begin before 9:00am and must be completed by 4:00pm.  (Note: SDS Exam Services will be open extended hours during final exam week.)

  • Each student is responsible for consulting with his/her instructor regarding exam accommodations by presenting a SAAR form to the instructor.

  • Exam accommodations apply to exams AND quizzes.

  • SAAR forms should be filled out in conjunction with the student. Please fill out the back of the SAAR form to use SDS Exam Services.

    1. Indicate the method of exam delivery to SDS and exam return from SDS on the SAAR form.

    2. Instructors and students should decide together on appropriate dates and times. (Instructors may choose the exact date and times for exams, but please consider the student’s overall schedule. The use of extended time often causes disruptions in a student’s overall class/work schedule.)

    3. If any exams have no committed dates, please mark “TBA” in the row and contact SDS one week in advance to schedule the exam. 

    4. Alternatively, instructors may specify an approved date range and allowable amount of time for each exam and allow SDS to work with the student to set the schedule. 

    5. Indicate the amount of time the entire class normally receives for the exam. SDS Exam Services will increase the time based on the accommodation for which the student is eligible.

    6. Indicate if additional materials (calculator, dictionary, open book, etc.) are allowed during the exam in the appropriate space on the SAAR form.

    7. Indicate a contact number SDS can use if questions arise during the scheduled exam.

    8. Sign the SAAR form.

  • Exam materials must be delivered to SDS Exam Services at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam. SDS Exam Services allows the drop off and pick up of physical exam materials during SDS regular hours.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to return the signed SAAR form and to schedule exams listed on the SAAR form within the expected time frame. (Exams and quizzes must be scheduled by the Wednesday of the week prior to the first date listed on the back of the SAAR form. Final exams must be scheduled by the date listed on the SAAR form.) 

  • SDS Exam Services will adhere to the test times submitted on the SAAR form. Students are expected to arrive at SDS at the time indicated on the SAAR form. 

  • If a student is late to a scheduled exam, the end time will not be extended.

  • If a student misses an exam, he or she will be advised to contact you. SDS must have your approval to reschedule the exam.

  • All SDS testing facilities are monitored by closed circuit cameras with recording capabilities.

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