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Media Services

Where can I find the form for each of my readings?

On the Main Site – Media Services Course ICON website. Once you are in the course, select “Content” and locate the “Add New Request” link. Once you select this link, you will be asked to login once more using your HawkID and password. Each required text needs a separate request. These requests need to be completed thoroughly using the course syllabus. PLEASE NOTE – you will need to provide proof of payment for each reading (receipt or an image of the actual book).

Where do I go to get my reformatted readings?

All students who are using MS will be enrolled in an ICON course under the current semester (i.e. Spring 2013) titled “Media Services”. Each student has their own personal class section within this course and no one else will see your name or files.

When will I know when my readings are ready to be downloaded?

Readings will be ready for download as soon as they are placed on ICON. An email will be sent out notifying each student when the requested text has been uploaded to ICON, or if proof of payment is needed before the text can be uploaded to ICON.

What counts as proof of payment?

A receipt, an image of the actual book, or an online order confirmation counts as proof of payment. This picture/file can be added as an attachment with the request form or may be added at a later date using the link on ICON titled “Add Proof of Payment/Edit Order/Upload File”.

How do I use Read&Write GOLD?

We are happy to provide training sessions with students who are new to using Read&Write GOLD software. To schedule a training session, please email the MS account at or call 319-335-1462. BEFORE scheduling a session please familiarize yourself with the program using the following links:

*Please note that we only provide support with using the software. We cannot help with issues installing the software or other general computer needs. If you do require help with installing the software, etc. please contact the ITS Help Desk at (319) 384-4357 or by email at

For more information, please contact