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Applying for Accommodations


Step One

Complete the SDS Application.

Step Two

Provide us with documentation from your health care provider.  SDS will review your documentation and contact you by letter regarding your eligibility status.  In order for us to review your documentation, you must be a current University of Iowa student, or a prospective student who has accepted an offer of admission by paying the acceptance fee.  Some disability categories require testing that is recent. See Documentation Guidelines for more info.

Step Three

Once your eligibility status has been confirmed by letter you will be assigned an advisor in our office and invited to schedule an intake appointment to discuss our services.  During the intake appointment your approved accommodations will be outlined and forms requesting these accommodations for specific classes can be completed by you and your SDS advisor. 

Step Four

Return the completed accommodation forms in a timely manner and schedule your exams at SDS, if applicable.

Step Five

Each semester you will need to meet with your SDS advisor to complete accommodation forms.  Once these forms are completed you take them to the instructor for each class for which you will use accommodations and work together with the instructor to determine how the accommodation will be provided.

Step Six

Contact your SDS advisor if you are having difficulty receiving an academic accommodation.

Accommodation Decision Appeals Process

To appeal a decision regarding an accommodation you are seeking please feel free to contact the SDS Director, Mark Harris, at 319-335-1462.  If you remain unsatisfied with the response please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at 319-335-0705 (voice) or 319-335-0697 (TTY).


Accommodation Implementation Grievance Process

If you believe that an accommodation approved by SDS is not being implemented fairly please consult first with your SDS advisor so we may intervene on your behalf.  If this does not resolve the situation you may file a grievance with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at 319-335-0705 (voice) or 319-335-0697 (TTY).