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Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (Deaf/HOH)

Academic accommodations for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Deaf/HOH) students may include:

  • Sign Language Interpreters

    Please Note: Interpreting requests for other events need to be made by the sponsoring department on campus.  SDS can be utilized as a resource for referral information.

  • Captioning/transcripts of video presentation in the classrooms: SDS works with classroom instructors and departments to use closed or open captioned videos or have transcripts available.

  • On-Site Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART):  This is an option when sign language interpreters are not used.  A speech-to-text provider is seated in the classroom with a specialized stenography equipment.  The provider captions the words, which the student sees on a laptop/tablet. 

  • Remote Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART): This is when the speech-to-text provider is physically located in a remote location.  The lecturer’s words are captioned on the student's laptop via internet connection. 

  • FM Systems: FM systems are located at SDS and can be loaned out at no charge by the student on a semester-by-semester basis.  The receivers used with earphones, a neckloop, or an ear bud allow direct sound from the microphone to the student without extraneous noises. 

  • Preferential Seating:  This can be requested if specific seating is needed within the classroom.

For questions regarding Deaf/HOH Services, please contact