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Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services
Student FAQs


I need a sign language interpreter or speech-to-text services for my courses. What do I do?

First you must register with Student Disability Services. Upon approval for accommodations, submit your request for specific services each semester to

Do you have amplification or FM systems available for deaf/hard of hearing students?

Yes, the FM systems can be loaned out free of charge by registered students at SDS on a semester-by-semester basis. Students may submit their request to

I need a sign language interpreter for an advisor or financial aid meeting. Where can I get one?

Each department or interdepartmental unit on campus is required by the ADA to provide their own sign language interpreter for students who request it. The interpreting fees will come out of the department or library’s budget. As a courtesy, the Deaf/HOH Services Coordinator at SDS may be contacted for referrals at

I want to take an ASL course. Can you assist?

The university has several American Sign Language classes available. A few seats are held and distributed on a special permission basis. Please visit the American Sign Language Program website and contact for more information. The Deaf/HOH Services Coordinator may send the ASL program a confirmation that the student qualifies; however, the ASL program determines the final decision.

For more information regarding Deaf/HOH Services, please contact