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Gary Barta rolls posters and talks with kids at the Fair.

Thursday, Aug. 7

Know Your Pharmacist, Know Your Medicine

The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy is holding a health education event. Student pharmacists will be performing blood pressure screenings, hypertension education, and providing information on common over-the-counter remedies for common ailments. Adults and children will be able to participate in a variety of games and trivia and learn how their pharmacist can impact and improve their health.

Friday, Aug. 8

Dance Marathon
Summertime lime

The University of Iowa's largest student organization, Dance Marathon, provides emotional and financial support to children and their families with pediatric cancer. At our booth, kids can make a fun craft with one of our college student volunteers. They can also get another temporary tattoo to help cover their arms all while learning about Dance Marathon and helping other kids! Come find us to learn about our organization and the many ways that you can get involved!

Saturday, Aug. 9

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
Ask us your cancer questions!

Do you have questions about cancer? We are here to listen. Visit with experts from the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa and learn more about the Cancer Resource Center.

The UI Carver College of Medicine
The human body: A sysSTEM to discover

University of Iowa medical students will lead you on journey of discovery through the human body. Participate in hands-on activities to experience how science, technology, engineering and math, critical thinking and problem solving are essential for understanding your own health, discovering the cure for disease and caring for patients.   

Sunday, Aug. 10

UI Pentacrest Museums
Discover your past, imagine your future

Discover history and science with hands-on activities from the Old Capitol Museum and Museum of Natural History. Learn about our traveling education and exhibit resources, and find out about this year’s exhibits and programming in Iowa City.

Monday, Aug. 11

UI College of Dentistry
Do you ever wonder how much sugar you drink in a day?

Stop by the UI College of Dentistry and Dental Clinics booth and see just how much sugar is in those popular soft drinks and energy drinks…You will realize just how important it is to brush your teeth and make regular visits to your dentist.

Tuesday, Aug. 12

UI Partners, a division of UI Economic Development
Accelerating Business and Cultivating Iowa’s Workforce

If you are a small business owner or you have an idea to start one, stop by to learn how the university can help grow your business. The UI Partners team trains interns to provide IT and business solutions for small Iowa businesses. The UI Protolabs team transforms ideas into affordable prototypes. Check out a 3D printer in action! Learn about these programs and the many other ways that the Office of the VP for Research and Economic Development nurtures economic development in Iowa.

Wednesday, Aug. 13

UI Facilities Management
Get energized with Professor Therm!

Doug Litwiller (aka “Professor KW Therm”) will be back at the State Fair, on Wednesday, Aug. 13 in the University of Iowa booth. Doug, associate director of energy conservation in UI Facilities Management, is part of a team focused on reducing energy consumption. As “Professor Therm,” he interjects fun into helping visitors understand how the UI is reducing its carbon footprint. In addition, he will provide tips on how everyone can become a wise user of energy. Visitors who are brave enough to be tested by Professor Therm on their knowledge of energy-related topics will have a chance to win a nice reward!

Thursday, Aug. 14

State Hygienic Laboratory at the University of Iowa
The Price (of Public Health) is Right

A report by Trust for America’s Health estimates that the per capita cost of public health in the United States is $24 per year.  As the State Fair visitors wait in line at our booth to spin our wheel, they can play a series of “Price is Right” games that compare the incremental health costs (daily, weekly, monthly) to an everyday item.  An example of a game is, “Which costs more:  a box of Rice-A-Roni  or a jar of pennies representing the weekly cost of public health. Once they reach the wheel, visitors  will spin it to land on “Water Quality,” “Newborn Screening,” “Food Safety,” “Air Quality,” or “Spin Again.” They will be given a prize associated with the section on which the wheel lands.  Prizes include sunglasses, paddle balls, yoyos, pencils, writing pads and hand sanitizers.

Friday, Aug. 15

University of Iowa Press
Iowa books & Iowa authors

Come meet Kurt Ullrich, author of the just-released book, The Iowa State Fair, along with other authors from across the great state who have written books about nature, memoirs, religion, and history published by the University of Iowa Press! Get signed copies and win free books and guides throughout the day on Aug. 15.

Saturday, Aug. 16

UI Department of Chemistry
Chemistry experiments for all ages
A team of chemists from the UI Department of Chemistry will have lively, hands on demonstrations of chemistry and scientific ideas that children of all ages can enjoy and help with.  Children will be encouraged to be “chemists” and explore the scientific method and how chemistry can change matter on an atomic level.  The experiments will be visually entertaining and emphasize key ideas to anyone with an interest in learning more about science.

Sunday, Aug. 17

UI Museum of Art
The science of art

The UI Museum of Art will share fascinating scientific information about the recently completed conservation of Jackson Pollock’s Mural, including a visual display and a hands-on activity for State Fair visitors. We will also have the ever-popular UIMA tattoos and hand fans.