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University Communication and Marketing helps maintain the following sites with guidelines, tips, and tools for communication and marketing professionals across the university:

University Brand Manual

Includes graphic identity policy information and downloadable logo files, guidelines for print and web projects, an editorial style guide, and related information.

Contact: Lin Larson, 319-384-0042,

UCM Photography

Provides regularly updated galleries of photos for campus use, as well as information about photo archive requests.

Web site:
Contact: Tom Jorgensen, 319-384-0051,

Campus Maps

Delivers building locater maps and related information for the university campus.

Web site:
Contact: Wendy Brown, 319-335-0557,

UI Facts Site

Offers regularly updated info on university demographics, rankings, history, and other data:

Web site:
Contact: Wendy Brown, 319-335-0557,

iTunes U and YouTube EDU Guidelines

Offers information about using the university’s central iTunes U site and YouTube EDU channel, as well as other options for sharing multimedia content.

Web site:
Web site:
Contact: Nick Tomlonovic, 319-335-2645,

UI Mobile

Provides information about the university’s mobile initiatives, mobile web services, and download links.

Web site:
Contact: Mark Ahrens, 319-335-5061,

IT Accessibility

Outlines the university’s web accessibility policies, best practices, central services and resources, and related information.

Web site:
Contact: Todd Weissenberger, 319-384-3323,

Vice President for Strategic Communication

Includes information about the Office of the Strategic Communication, the parent unit for University Communication and Marketing.

Web site:
Contact: Pat Nissley, 319-384-0019,

See the News Outlets page for information about UCM-managed electronic, print, and broadcast outlets that tell the university’s story.