What is Heartland Recovery?

Heartland Recovery, Incorporated is a service based company providing asset liquidation and asset management services to clients who vary in size from small manufacturers to Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies.

They offer assets no longer needed by these companies to the general public, dealers and others by conducting sealed bid sales. These assets are consigned from multiple clients into a centrally located facility located in North Liberty and are combined into large sales events.

Heartland Recovery sealed bid sales create an attractive marketplace that brings sellers from the Midwest and buyers from across the United States and Canada together.

Paul Garlinghouse, President and Owner of Heartland Recovery, has been employed in the investment recovery field for 15 years and has conducted sealed bid sales for 10 years for various corporate clients. Paul is the only Certified Manager of Investment Recovery (CMIR) in Iowa. This distinction is shared with approximately 100 individuals in the United States who have all earned this title through a combination of experience and demonstrated expertise specifically in the investment recovery industry.

The University of Iowa has partnered with Heartland Recovery to get the best financial return possible for medical and lab equipment.

Heartland is located in Iowa City, IA


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