Celebrating our 98th year

“While The University Club is not formally affiliated with the University of Iowa, it does endorse and abide by its policies with respect to nondiscrimination nation and human rights.  See http://www.uiowa.edu/~our/opmanual/ii/03.htm

The University Club
2014 - 2015

Welcome to The University Club of Iowa City, celebrating our 98th year. Founded in 1917, our membership, 715 members strong. Our mission is to promote interaction of women of all ages and affiliations who are interested in the University of Iowa and the surrounding Iowa City community. We invite you to attend our monthly luncheons and participate in any of our 30 interest groups, which will provide you with many new and unique social, educational, and cultural opportunities. If you have recently moved to the Iowa City area, or are new to The University Club, we welcome you and invite you to go to the Newcomers' Division link located above. Their monthly coffees, socials, and great variety of programs offer an ideal opportunity to make new friends and lasting friendships while learning about the Iowa City community.

            Louise Crock, The University Club President for 2014-2015


      I remember moving here 5 years ago.  Being a retired Physical Education Teacher, a Coach and very active in a community, I welcomed the invitation from my neighbor to attend a Newcomers’ summer coffee.  HOW GREAT IT WAS!  The women in attendance were from everywhere and everyone was anxious to visit and share their stories.  I JOINED NEWCOMERS’ THAT DAY!  What an OUTSTANDING CLUB I had joined.  WOW!  The opportunities are endless for making new friends, going to well planned Programs, joining Interest Groups and being a part of a great women’s club with an interest in The University of Iowa.  I wanted to remain physically and mentally active, The University Club gives me that opportunity.

Our President-Elect, Linnell Phillips, has organized an exciting Fall Fair, “Carnival of Friendships”.  This will be an excellent time for all University Club Members to invite other women to learn about our Organization.  The University Club is a VERY SPECIAL, WELL ORGANIZED CLUB.  A big thanks goes out to our amazing University Club Board members who volunteer hours of commitment and dedication to our Club.  My sincere gratitude goes out to our chairs, committee members, hostesses and other volunteers who contribute so much to the success of our Club.  And thank you to all our members who have kept our traditions alive.  I am honored to be your president and look forward to seeing you and getting to know all of you at our functions through the year.

This website will constantly change providing details of The University Club's current functions including all of our activities: our luncheons, coffees, events, socials, and interest groups. The About Us section will include how to communicate with us or use the Membership Form link above to print a membership form for your use. Members also receive The Clarion, our newsletter, by postal mail or email three times per year.