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Academic Advising


What is advising? When do I meet my adviser? Who is advised at the
Academic Advising Center?


What is advising?

· What classes should I take?
· How hard will college classes be?
· Will I feel at home?
· Where do I want to go in life?

You enter The University of Iowa the same way you entered high school: eager, excited, maybe a little frightened. The University can feel impersonal and big - if you let it. That's why the Academic Advising Center is here.


Our job is to put YOU in charge of your academic career. We'll meet with you at least twice a semester to help you plan your academic future. But that's not all we do. Talk with us whenever questions or problems come up,
or any time you're not sure what to do next. We advise, you decide.


When do I meet my adviser?


Once you are admitted to the University and have registered for an Orientation program, you'll be assigned an academic adviser. You'll meet your adviser at Orientation.


Who is advised at the Academic Advising Center?


The Academic Advising Center provides professional academic advising to
about 8,000 students each year:

· Nearly all College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) first-year students
· About half of the entering CLAS transfer students
· Open majors
· Pre-professional students
· Non-degree/special status students
· Students entering the University through the IowaLink Program.


Other students are assigned to advisers in their major department:

· Pre-Pharmacy majors
· Speech Pathology and Audiology majors
· Physics and Astronomy majors
· Students admitted directly to the Colleges of Engineering, Business, and Nursing.

However, all students are welcome to contact the Academic Advising Center with questions.


How do I change my adviser?


The Academic Advising Center has a "no questions asked" policy about changing advisers. Students advised at our Center can call 353-5700 or visit the front desk in C210 Pomerantz Center and request assignment to a new adviser. Students advised in a department or program should follow the procedures as set by that department or program.


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