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Courses in Common

Courses in Common (CIC) gives first-semester students the opportunity to take three courses together with a group of 20 other first-year students. The College Transition Program is one possible option offered through Courses in Common.  The course combinations for the College Transition program are:

  • College Transition Seminar(CSI:1100)

  • College Transition Workshop (CSI:1150)

  • A General Education course

The College Transition is designed to help first-year students make a smooth transition to university living and learning.  Topics include study and test-taking skills, time management, and discovering University resources.  The Workshop is a structured learning experience led by a successful undergraduate UI student, who helps the CIC group work collaboratively to improve learning and performance in the General Education course that they’re taking together.   Students will share lecture notes, discuss readings, and create study materials.  In fall 2014, each CIC combination (called an “Option”) includes one of General Education courses:

  • CHEM:1070 General Chemistry I

  • CHEM:1110 Principles of Chemistry I

  • HIST:2401 Western Civilization I

  • JMC:1100 Media Uses and Effects

  • JMC:1200 Media History and Culture

  • POLI:1100 Intro to American Politics

  • PSY:1001 Elementary Psychology

  • SOC:1010 Intro to Sociology Principles

  • GEOG:1070 Contemporary Environmental Issues

  • AMST:1010 Understanding American Cultures


2014 CIC Options

2014 BizHawk Options

2014 CIC Honors Options



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