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Veterinarians specialize in providing medical care for domestic food animals, pets, zoo animals and those of the wild. Part of their activities are also providing for the health of the human population by controlling animal diseases such as rabies and mad cow disease. In addition they inspect our meats, fish and milk to keep these foods safe for us.


The University of Iowa provides the preparatory course work needed to make a successful application to graduate-level Veterinary Education Programs (usually 4 years in length), but does not have either an undergraduate degree in pre-vet studies or the Graduate Veterinary Medicine Program. The Pre-Veterinary Medicine major code (109) signifies that the student intends to complete the requirements for admission and to apply to a college of veterinary medicine (students in this area are designated as "pre-" majors). Please note that each school has different requirements and it is the student's responsibility to investigate the requirements for the graduate programs in which they are interested. The easiest place to do so is the Association of American Veterinary College's Veterinary Medical School Admissions Requirements Handbook from Purdue University Press (new edition available annually in May) or via the AAVMC website.


Students interested in this area are encouraged to declare this interest and meet with a pre-veterinary adviser regularly to ensure a smooth transition to veterinary school. Call the Advising Center at 353-5700 to make an appointment with a pre-veterinary medicine adviser.


There are opportunities to meet and work with other pre-veterinary students in the UI pre-veterinary medicine club. The Pre-Vet Club has a mailbox in the Student Activities Center (48 IMU) where you can leave messages for club officers. The club arranges meetings about once a month (including both on-campus meetings and field trips when possible). If you are interested in the club, leave your name, phone number and an e-mail address in the Club's mailbox. Contact and meeting announcements for this group are arranged by e-mail.


There are 31 Veterinary Colleges in the US and Canada; Iowa has one College of Veterinary Medicine and it is located at Iowa State University. Visit the following link to find more information about vet-med at ISU: ISU Vet-Med. Most veterinary programs are publicly supported and out-of-state residents attending Iowa undergraduate institutions have their best chance of acceptance into a veterinary program in their home state.

The Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges has many helpful links for students interested in the field including information on the application process, admission requirements, and a list of United States Veterinary Schools and Colleges.