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Registration Information

When do students register for classes?


New first-year students register for the fall semester during Summer Orientation. Registration for fall and summer classes for continuing students begins in the second half of April, a few weeks before the end of the semester. Registration for the spring semester begins in late fall, usually near the end of November. Students may access the registration schedule through the Office of the Registrar's web site (under Registration Procedures).


Registration for students taking classes through the Center for Credit Programs' Saturday and Evening Program begins in July for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. A more complete description of registration procedures for those classes is available here: Center for Credit Programs.


How do students register for classes?


Most students register electronically via the ISIS system. Students may also register in person at the Registration Center at 30 Calvin Hall.


Step 1 - Meet with your adviser for a Planning Appointment

Students advised at the Advising Center are required to meet with their adviser before they can register for courses. Students typically visit their adviser at least twice during each semester. The first session is called a Planning Appointment. During that time, students have at least 30 minutes to visit with their adviser, ask questions, and learn about majors and general education requirements. Your adviser will help as you begin the process of choosing courses for the next semester.


Step 2 - Research

Research majors of interest when planning for the next semester. Students who know what area they want to major in should review the requirements for the major in the General Catalog. Students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) can use the CLAS Bulletin they are given at orientation. Students can also visit a department's or college's website (click here for a listing for the University's 11 colleges as well as an A-to-Z list of all the departments within them). And, of course, students should certainly visit their Academic Adviser for information.


In addition to planning for a major, students may also consider courses that will enhance their skills in specific areas, such as writing classes or work in an additional foreign language. Students might also take courses that complement their area of interest, such as combining communications courses or a Spanish minor with their major in Marketing.


Special permission may be needed for some courses. Checking under the heading "SPE" across the top of a page of course listing in ISIS can help to identify whether special permission is needed to register for a course. Students should contact the instructor, the academic department, or their adviser before registration to determine their eligibility for the class and obtain any number required.


Step 3 - Registration Appointment and how to get your registration number

After planning and research, comes the Registration Appointment. Students should plan a schedule of desired courses, as well as alternate choices, and be ready to review their choices with their adviser. After the student and adviser have met to discuss a final schedule of courses, the adviser is able to clear the student so that the student can register on ISIS.


Step 4 - Why can't I register???


Transcripts, ACT and SAT Scores - First-year and transfer students

The Office of Admissions must receive a final high school transcript, all transcripts from any community college, or other college, attended during or after high school, and official ACT or SAT scores before a student will be allowed to register for the next semester. Please contact the Office of Admissions, 335-3847, with questions concerning the receipt of transcripts and ACT or SAT scores.


Student Health Service must receive proof of immunity to rubeola (measles). This is a requirement for all students registering for courses. This measles requirement may be fulfilled if you were born before 1957, or you have had a physician-diagnosed case of the measles, or you have received two doses of measles vaccine in 1969 or later. Those who do not comply with this requirement will not be permitted to register.  Information about complying with the rubeola immunity requirement may be obtained from The University of Iowa Student Health Service, 335-8370.


Tuberculin test - Foreign students
In addition to the above, foreign students are also required to have a Mantoux (tuberculin) skin test within three months of the beginning of classes.  Information about complying with the tuberculin skin test requirements may be obtained from The University of Iowa Student Health Service, 335-8370.


Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fees owed to the University must be paid before a student can register for the following semester. Please contact the University Billing Office, 335-0071, or the Office of the Registrar, 335-0238.


Step 5 - Registration

ISIS is available to all students under the heading "Current Students" on The University of Iowa home page. Students may enter their student number and password to enter ISIS or may simply click onto "Course List" to find out what courses are being offered and when. Students should look up courses before registration to create a trial schedule. Remember that during the early registration period students may register for no more than 16 semester hours. After early registration ends, 18 semester hours is the maximum permitted without needing approval from the Dean.

There are several features on ISIS that are helpful for students during registration. Information on searching the course list and registration itself is available at on the ISIS help page. There is also helpful information on the registration process at the Office of the Registrar's web site.


Step 6 - After Registration

After registering for classes on ISIS, students should check with their adviser if they were unable to register for a full schedule or if they have questions about the classes for which they registered. Students may adjust their schedule on ISIS themselves until the day before classes begin for the following semester (but students should always check with their adviser if they have questions when making changes to their schedule).


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