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Academic difficulty: failing classes, probationary status

Academic adviser, class instructor, University Counseling Service (UCS); College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Academic Programs and Student Development

Students may benefit from a referral to one or more of the resources listed as they attempt to address these issues.

Career information, questions about internships/externships, job shadowing, alumni career advice

Career Center, major adviser


Child care questions and concerns

Family Services Office


Eligibility for financial aid, scholarships, or athletics

Financial Aid Office, Athletic Student Services

There are complex issues involved in athletic or financial aid eligibility—don’t be afraid to refer the student to an expert!

Emotional or adjustment issues: homesickness, loneliness, family issues, feelings of not belonging

University Counseling Service (UCS), the resident adviser on their floor, Student Health, student life organizations, Assoc. of Campus Ministries (ACM), counselor or religious leader in hometown

Being in school can be very difficult and stressful if a student feels isolated. Talking to someone and/or involvement in an extracurricular organization can help combat feelings of isolation.

Honors: eligibility, programs,  questions

Honors Program, Honors adviser in major department


Housing: availability, eligibility, questions

University Housing & Dining for on-campus housing information, Off-Campus Housing Services has information on off-campus listings


Learning disability questions or other questions about working with students with disabilities

Student Disability Services, University Counseling Service


Records question

Contact Admissions for transfer equivalency questions; contact CLAS AP & S for General Education questions and clarifications; contact the Registrar for other questions


Re-enrollment or reinstatement questions

Contact Admissions; if out for less than a year, student does not need to apply for readmission. Student contacts Registration Center to generate registration number.

Student should contact CLAS AP& S if the student did not leave in good standing (Academic Programs & Services is located at 120 SH, 335-2633).

Study abroad questions

Office for Study Abroad

Encourage students to meet with a Study Abroad adviser as soon as possible!

Substance abuse

UCS, Student Health, community service agencies

Talk with the student about how this issue is affecting other aspects of their college experience (i.e., grades, housing, work, etc.).

Transferring credit


Admissions receives the transcript and evaluates for general education applicability. Academic departments determine appropriateness for majors, minors, etc..

Tutoring Services

Tutor Referral Service

Students eligible for services through Support Service Programs and New Dimensions in Learning (NDIL) should contact NDIL for tutoring assistance.

Visa or financial aid questions for international students and scholars

Office of International Students and Scholars

There are complex issues involved in financial aid eligibility and international students—refer the student to an expert!







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