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What can I do with a major in ... ?

Many students wonder how their Liberal Arts and Sciences major will help them find a job after graduation.  While some majors help students learn skills for specific professions, most majors provide opportunities to develop skills needed for a range of careers and that can be confusing. 

A wide variety of occupations are possible for every major.  Searching all of the sites below will provide you with information regarding:


§         careers and job titles associated with each major

§         career-related skills to develop as student

§         special training or graduate programs needed

§         links to job listings, career planning, and related organizations

What can I do with a major in...? (The University of Iowa)


What can I do with a major in...? (The University of North Carolina at Wilmington)


Major Resource Kits (University of Delaware)


Your Liberal Arts and Sciences major will help you prepare for the workforce because you will gain:


·        A depth of knowledge in a major or majors

·        Sharp written and verbal communication skills

·        Thorough research skills

·        A broad perspective on cultures and societies for a global perspective

·        Strong analytical, reasoning skills

·        A degree that demonstrates that you are able to learn new concepts and ideas

In addition, we highly recommend the following experiences
to enhance any major:

·         internships

·         externships

·         part-time jobs

·         volunteer experiences

·        student organizations