Professor Timothy M. Hagle
Department of Political Science
The University of Iowa

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Congratulations! Through hard work and perseverance (or just plain luck) you have managed to find my web pages.   The material on my pages primarily relates to my teaching, research, or other political interests.  Brief descriptions and links to the major sections of my pages are below:

PLEASE NOTE: The University is apparently killing the server on which my webpages currently reside at the end of 2014. As a result, I am in the process of moving everything to a new location at

Information for and about my courses including teaching evaluations and the most recent syllabus for each course

Advising and Prelaw Information
Some general advising information, my Prelaw FAQ, and other prelaw materials.

Resource Links
A list of links--some political, some not.  Contains links to several resources for my students.  

A series of short papers examining voter registration and turnout statistics in Iowa.

Curriculum Vitae
The "everything including the kitchen sink" version of my vitae.