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The sites listed below are ones that I use or that may be useful when searching for information.  Though I don't ordinarily recommend sites, one exception is that I strongly recommend that you join the fight against dihydrogen monoxide. To find out what you can do to stop this deadly killer, please contact the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division.  (Yeow!  I recently checked the DMRD site and it appeared to have been zapped--again--no doubt by some pro-dihydrogen monoxide terrorist group.  I've now switched the link to an alternate site.  Should the vicious pro-dihydrogen monoxide cabal sabotage this site as well, do a search on Yahoo or Google to find one of the grass roots sites that help the Coalition continue its important work.)

Having been forced to remove a link from my home page because it linked to a site that had links to sites that had links to material that some might find offensive, I need to make an additional comment about the links below.  The very essence of the Web is the ability to quickly link to all sorts of places.  If I add a link to, for example, a person's page of animated gifs, it does not mean I either condone or endorse anything else in that person's pages.   I would not link to a site that I knew also contained hugely offensive material, but I might not check every part of a complex site and I certainly would not check every other site that is linked to the one I listed. 

Note: I finally got around to updating these links. I deleted many as users are more experienced with finding things on the web now than when I first put this list together. The links I've kept are more for my benefit, related to my courses, or a bit out of the ordinary.

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