Advising and Prelaw Information

This is the starting page for my section on advising and prelaw information.   Below are brief descriptions of the pages in this section.

Some Information for . . .
Transfer Students
Honors Students
Bachelor of Science Degree
In my Prelaw FAQ I recommend that those interested in law school get a Bachelor of Science degree.  On this page I explain why.
Why Study Mathematics?
As a follow up to the above, this page contains a piece by John Allen Paulos that discusses why it's important for everyone to have a basic understanding of mathematics.
Prelaw FAQ (pdf format; updated August 2014)
This handout is a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Prelaw students.  It contains my responses to questions ranging from general items such as why one might want to go to law school to such practical matters as what courses to take.  It also contains material relevant to the beginning of one's college years to law school and beyond. (2014 updates: mentions or comments on Ethics and Public Policy major, online courses, and UI law school's 3 + 3 Admissions Program, plus miscellaneous tweaks; 2013 updates: added a question and some comments at the end on some things being talked about to reduce the financial burden of a legal education; 2012 updates: mostly minor corrections and changes based on availability and location of resources; 2011 updates: inclusion of some points from Susan Estrich's How to Get into Law School, additional minor corrections; 2010 updates: inclusion of lengthy comments from a former student now practicing law, general advice from a couple of Pol Sci Alumni Board Members, updates on LSAC procedures, comment on the book Lawyer Boy; 2009 updates: inclusion of lengthy comments on several questions from a former student a few years out of the UI law school and additional information on personal statements)
Additional Prelaw Q & A  
I often receive questions from those who have read my Prelaw FAQ.  These questions may be more specific or cover topics not in the FAQ.  This page contains such questions and my responses. 
Admission Index Information for LSAT Scores
Many law schools use formulas for making initial decisions on candidates.  I obtained a list and present it here along with some comments. (The 2009 list is posted along with updated info in the comments section.)
Legal and Judicial Books of Interest
This link takes you to my list of legal and judicial books that might be of interest to prelaw folks. These are all books that I have read and that I found interesting or worthwhile.  I include a brief description of each book as well as a few comments about it.
Legal and Judicial Links
The above is a link to my Other Links page which contains a section of legal and judicial links.