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Features top

  • The English and Spanish Phonetics libraries are web resources that have the following features for each of the consonants and vowels of Spanish and American English.

  • A real-time Flash animated articulatory diagram of each consonant and vowel.

  • An annotated step-by-step description of how the sound is produced.

  • Video and audio of the sound spoken in context.

  • The navigation reflects the classification of consonants by manner, place or voicing and vowels.

  • Interactive diagram of the articulatory anatomy.

Intended Audience top

  • This library is intended to be used by adult students and instructors of articulatory phonetics, linguistics or foreign language.

  • Instructors can use this for in-class projection.

  • Students can use the library to review phonetic sounds or supplement their class or textbooks.

  • Students studying English or Spanish as a foreign language can see and hear native speakers pronounce each sound.

Using the Phonetics Libraries top

Selecting sounds

1. Launch the Spanish or English phonetics library (see quicklinks in upper right corner of this page.

2. Click on the top row of buttons to choose a classification of consonants or vowels. The second row will include any appropriate sub-choices.

3. Click on a sound in the sound list on the left.

4. For each sound an animation with sound and movie will load. Click on the "step-by-step description" button to show an explanation of the sound articulation. Play the movie by pressing the "play arrow" button. Click on a word to hear it pronounced.

Troubleshooting top

Video doesn't appear.
It probably means that the QuickTime 4 plugin isn't installed correctly.
Remedy: Go to

No sound.
Remedy: Make sure you have speakers or headphones connected and that sound is not muted in your computer's control panel settings.

Animations do not load
On some older PCs this may be a problem. Internet Explorer 5seems to produce better performance. Check for plugin

Credits top

This project was produced at The Univeristy of Iowa as part of a collaborative effort between the departments of Academic Technologies, Spanish and Portuguese, and Speech Pathology and Audiology. This was made possible by an Instructional Improvement Award from the Council on Teaching at the University of Iowa.

Design and Development Team.
Marilyn Dispensa - Project supervision, interface design, video.
Lisa Waite - Interface design, graphic design, Flash animations.
Derek Siebert - Flash programming, animations
Linda Wickelhaus - Interface design, content coordination.
Carlos-Eduardo Piñeros, Ph.D - Spanish phonetics content expert.
Jerry Moon, Ph.D. - English phonetics content expert.

Tools and software:
FinalCutPro, Media Cleaner Pro, Flash 4, Dreamweaver, and Quicktime Pro.





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