New publications

Several new publications are available for download on the Publications page.


Added information on a new quantitative taphonomy paper and updated the Atlanticalymene paper in Papers Up Next.

Reorganized the site a bit.

Upcoming GSA Talk

I'll be giving a talk coauthored with Talia at the upcoming Denver GSA meeting. The title is "A species accumulation curve for Trilobita" and it uses the species and literature databases to assess trends in the publication of new trilobite species and in trilobite publications in general. The results are a bit surprising. The talk is on Monday, Oct. 28 at 2 pm, in the session "Extinctions and Diversity Dynamics".

Massive Update

The lab web pages have been overhauled, with new sections on research themes, papers approaching completion, field work, and facilities. The other pages have been completely updated. All of the pages are now on a server where they can easily be updated (which was not the case previously) and regular updates on research and happenings can be posted.