If you are interested in graduate work on trilobites, phylogenetics, ontogeny and development, quantitative paleoecology, quantitative taphonomy, or any combination thereof, please feel free to contact me. We are heavily field- and specimen-based, with new field discoveries helping to provide high quality original data with which to tackle long-standing phylogenetic and paleobiological problems. But we spend about half our time working on quantitative and analytical projects.

General information on Iowa Geoscience graduate programs may be found here, and information on admissions and application is here.

To get a general feel for what we do, check out accounts and photos of recent fieldwork on the Fieldwork page. To see the kinds of empirical systematics projects we undertake, check out our huge western US megaproject, The Ibex Project, or see the many other field-based studies underway linked from the Trilobite Systematics page. Or download recent lab publications from the Publications page.