Research in the lab is a mixture of empirical and analytical approaches. We work on scales ranging from individual species at single horizons to the entirely of global biodiversity through major Phanerozoic time slices.

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The Lower and Middle Ordovician Faunas of the Great Basin

Field-Based Trilobite Systematic Projects
Beyond the Ordovician Great Basin project, my lab in engaged in many other studies of Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian, and Devonian faunas based on new field collections. A majority of these projects feature silicified fossils.


Cambrian–Ordovician Mass Extinctions

Trilobite Evolutionary Faunas

Diversity and Habitat Occupancy

Quantitative Taphonomy
Silicified faunas are excellent for studying biostratinomic processes because trilobite silicification is almost always pervasive: while there are some complications, mostly what you get out is all of the preserved trilobite sclerites that went into the sediment, avoiding the sometimes extreme pitfalls of mechanical sampling biases.