Field-Based Revision of the Hintze/Ross silicified Early and Middle Ordovician Faunas of the Northern Laurentian Margin
  • Main Collaborators: Steve Westrop, Talia Karim
This is the current field based mega-project in the lab. We have been sampling the faunas originally described by Rube Ross (1951) and Lehi Hintze (1953) from Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. Most of the faunas feature trilobites which have been secondarily replaced by silica, and the preservation is spectacular. Our work has revealed that previous study has really only scratched the surface of the diversity present. The project has been underway with annual fieldwork since 1996. The pace and scale of sampling has become intense from 2008 onward. At this point, we have excellent, fully developed collections spanning the entire breadth of the faunas and we are able to undertake comprehensive studies of phylogenetically organized chunks of the diversity. Hence, the pace of publication of systematic/phylogenetic papers has ramped up considerably in the last couple of years and will probably continue to increase. As the faunas become properly documented, they represent an excellent natural laboratory for a range of paleobiological studies.

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