Cambrian Silicified Faunas: Lincoln Peak Formation
Schell Creek Range, eastern Nevada

  • Main Collaborator: Steve Westrop
• Adrain, J.M., Peters, S.E. & Westrop, S.R. (2009) The Marjuman trilobite Cedarina Lochman: thoracic morphology, systematics, and new species from western Utah and eastern Nevada, USA. Zootaxa, 2218, 35-58.

We investigated the Lincoln Peak Formation at a locality near Cleve Creek in the Schell Creek Range, east-central Nevada. The area is riddled with faults, but we measured and collected a continuous upper Marjuman and lower Steptoean section with rich silicified faunas of both trilobites and agnostoids. Spot localities in the same area have also yielded lower Steptoean and Elvinia Zone faunas, as well as basal Sunwaptan faunas, all silicified. Description of these faunas has barely begun. A little bit of Edithiella from the Elvinia Zone was figured in the 2010 dokimocephalid monograph. A species of Cedarina, C. clevensis, was described in the 2009 Cedarina paper.

A fauna with similar generic makeup, although completely distinct at the species level, has been collected from the Emigrant Springs Formation at Patterson Pass, a long way further south in the Schell Creek Range. It, too, is nicely silicified.

Cleve Creek cutting back into the Schell Creek Range. View from the east-southeast.

Carinamala copyUntitled-1 Men
Carinamala,Lecanopleura, Menomonia.
Hardyoides, Holcacephalus, Norwoodia
Genevievella, Nahannicephalus, Agelagma, Tricrepicephalus

Some of the agnostoid arthropods from the Marjuman at Cleve Creek. (The heads aren't intended to match the tails beneath.)