Silurian Faunas: Sexton Creek Formation
eastern Missouri

  • Main Collaborator: Gerry Kloc

Gerry Kloc collected and prepared a trilobite fauna from the Lower Silurian (Llandovery; Aeronian) Sexton Creek Formation, Missouri. I have photography about 85% complete and some plates are finished. The fauna is fairly diverse, with common Calymene s.l., Exallaspis, and Curriella, along with namable species of a new dalmanitid genus, Lichas, Harpidella, and Dicranopeltis, along with rarer taxa including Ceratocephalina, Anacaenaspis, "Failleana", and a proetid. As far as I can tell the species are all new, but serious systematic work has yet to begin.

Plate 7 - Curriella shawneeensis n sp APlate 1 - Calymene sextonensis n sp A
Plate 5 - Calymene sextonensis n sp C copyPlate 2 - Calymene sextonensis n sp AAA copy