Silurian Faunas: Bowling Green Formation
eastern Missouri

  • Main Collaborators: Tom Hegna, Gerry Kloc

This fauna consists of molds in a weathered dolostone of the Lower Siluiran (Llandovery; Rhuddanian) Bowling Green Formation in eastern Missouri. The fauna was initially collected by Gerry Kloc, then Tom Hegna did an undergraduate honours thesis on it and we made several collecting trips. The trilobites are a bit labour-intensive, as the matrix needs to be stabilized and hardened with plastic dissolved in acetone prior to latexes being prepared, but the results are quite nice. The fauna includes two species of Calymene s.l., Curriella, Acernaspis, Anacaenaspis, Exallaspis, Kettneraspis, Maurotarion, at least one "bumastine", a lichine, and at least two tropidocoryphids. All of the species seem new, but detailed systematic work has yet to be carried out.

Plate 1 - Calymene edgewoodensis n sp APlate X - Acernaspis bowlinggreenensis n sp AB
Plate X - Acernaspis bowlinggreenensis n sp CPlate X - Curriella clarksvillensis n sp A