African-Americans at the University of Iowa



Laurence C. Jones


Photo Courtesy of The University of Iowa Archives. Hawkeye 1907


Laurence C. Jones graduated from the University of Iowa in 1907. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, on November 21, 1884. Very little is known about Jones' college years. After graduation, Jones first taught at Utica Institute and later moved to Piney Woods, Mississippi, where he founded the Piney Woods Country Life School in 1909.

Jones started the school with little monetary resources and three students. Over the years, Jones transformed this small unknown academy into a premier institution. Jones was on the advisory council of the Mississippi Federation of Colored Women's Clubs and the state executive committee for the Y.M.C.A..

The University of Iowa (then SUI) President Virgil Hancher named Jones one of the University's 10 most outstanding alumni.

Up Through Difficulties (1910), Piney Woods and Its Story (1923), and The Bottom Rail (1933) are among several books and articles published by Jones.


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