Cadet Life

The average week of an AFROTC cadet consists of academic classes, training sessions, and physical training workouts. Beyond these activities are a number of other functions that make AFROTC life so unique.

Most cadets take about 15 hours per week in academic classes. They are required to take part in 2 hours per week of physical training workouts and 2 hours per week in Leadership Laboratories. Cadets who have not attended Field Training are encouraged to attend additional hour long training sessions called Expeditionary Training Preperation. Morale events, including cookouts, bowling, and ping pong tournaments are always being organized. Also, most cadets have a leadership or staff position within the Cadet Wing. Lastly, cadets are provided opportunities to volunteer in the local community.

As you can see, the life of an AFROTC cadet is not the typical life of a college student. Cadre emphasize a priority system which places family first, school second, and ROTC third. Obligations to ROTC should always come before the video games and parties, but it is important to take care of any family needs and do well academically.

Hear it from the Cadets!