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Getting Ready to Test

You must have at least the minimum number of days of practice and know the techniques listed for the test you want to take. Having the minimum days of practice is not usually sufficient. There are intangibles such as your contributions (or lack of) to the dojo, your attendance pattern, and your demeanor on the mat that may be considered.

Document your days of practice; the easiest way is to keep a current hours form at the dojo.

Ask one of the instructors if s/he thinks you are ready to test before asking the head instructor.

We encourage taking the 6th kyu test, the first test for adults, as soon as you have the required days of practice, know the techniques, and the senior instructors think you are ready.

You must take a pre-test at least two weeks and preferably one month before the testing date.

You must fill out the test application and pay the test fee before the test.

Test Etiquette





General Tips

Focus on being smooth rather than fast.

Donít worry over errors or stop in the middle of a technique; move ahead.


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