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The University of Iowa Aikikai is associated with the Hombu Dojo in Tokyo through its affliations with the United States Aikido Federation (USAF).

UI Aikikai

All participants must be at least 12 years old. People interested in trying aikido before joining the club may attend any beginner classes for a period of two weeks (see class schedule). Membership dues are $60 per semester for students and $80 a semester for non-students. Members are also encouraged to join the United States Aikido Federation. The annual USAF fee is $35.

 Teaching Staff

The head instructor is Diana Harris, yondan. John Brandon, sandan, Ivar Christopher, Maureen Robertson and Scott Shaw, nidan, Dan Crawford and Lisa Martincik, shodan, are also instructors.


Students who are also members of the USAF may accumulate days toward testing at various rank levels. Students wishing to test must have practiced the specified days for the desired rank and show proficiency appropriate to the rank.

Students can test at local seminars taught by an instructor of appropriate rank, as well as at seminars in USAF-affiliated dojo.
  USAF New Student Guide

 Other Iowa Aikido Dojo

City Contact Person Contact Info
 Des Moines  Rich Mintz  617 Euclid Ave 
 Des Moines, Iowa 50313 

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 Prairie Aikikai
(formerly Iowa Aikikai)

 Fairfield  John Strouss  515/472-8582

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 Fairfield Aikikai School of Aikido

 Grinnell  Charles Cunningham
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 Aikido at Grinnell College


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