Reading List


This list includes books enjoyed by U of I Aikikai members.

Spirit Of Aikido - Ueshiba Kisshomaru

A philosophical discussion of aikido written by O-Sensei's son, Ueshiba Kisshomaru. Some of its concepts can be a little difficult. However, these concepts become understandable the longer you practice aikido. This book should be reread throughout your aikido career.

A Beginner's Guide To Aikido - L. Reynosa & J. Billingiere

A good and easy-to-understand guide to approaching aikido.

Aikido - Ueshiba Kisshomaru

This is one of only a few good reference books for aikido techniques. Written by the second Doshu, it includes photos illustrating many aikido techniques.

Abundant Peace - John Stevens

A biography of O-Sensei written by John Stevens, an American teaching at a university in Japan. Stevens does an excellent job of chronicling O-Sensei's life and the development of aikido. Stevens is the author of several other books on aikido and Japanese culture.

Aikido And The Dynamic Sphere - Ratti and Westbrook

An in-depth look at aikido's technical aspects. For some reason, many beginners are drawn to this book when they want to learn about aikido. Don't let its technical nature stop you from enjoying its insights into aikido. This is another book that should be reread throughout your aikido career.

Aikido And The New Warrior - Richard Strozzi Heckler

A collection of essays on aikido. The topics range from taking a black belt test to playing with wolves.

Aikido In Everyday Life - Terry Dobson and Victor Miller

A good book discussing how to use aikido principles in everyday life.

The Aikido Student Handbook - Greg O'Connor

A quick guide to general dojo etiquette and training methods.

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