United States Aikido Federation
Promotion Test Requirements

These testing requirements are posted for the convenience of University of Iowa Aikikai members only. Please check testing requirements with your local dojo.

Students wishing to test must have practiced the specified days for the desired rank and show proficiency appropriate to the rank.

Students can test at local seminars taught by an instructor of appropriate rank, as well as at seminars in USAF-affiliated dojo.

Note: Day requirements are counted from the last test. All tests require instructor's permission and pre-testing. You must be a member of the United States Aikido Federation before starting to accumulate days. Some more information on testing.

 6th Kyu

20 days
  1. Seiza
  2. Shikko
  3. Hanmi (solo)
  4. Ukemi
  5. Kokyu exercises
  6. Tai sabaki
  7. Hanmi (with partner)
  8. Atemi (with partner)
  9. Tai no henko (with partner)
  10. Kokyuho (sitting)ľaka, Kokyudosa (with partner)
  11. More details here *

 5th Kyu

40 days
  1. Shomenuchi Ikkyo omote and ura
  2. Shomenuchi Iriminage
  3. Katatetori Shihonage omote and ura
  4. Ryotetori Tenchinage omote and ura
  5. Tsuki Kotegaeshi
  6. Ushiro Tekubitori Kotegaeshi
  7. Morotetori Kokyuho omote and ura

 4th Kyu

80 days
  1. Shomenuchi Nikyo (omote and ura)
  2. Yokomenuchi Shihonage (omote and ura)
  3. Tsuki Iriminage
  4. Ushiro Tekubi Sankyo (omote and ura)
  5. Ushiro Ryokatatori Kotegaeshi
  6. Suwari Waza: Shomenuchi Ikkyo; Katatori Nikyo (omote and ura); Katatori Sankyo

 3rd kyu

100 days
  1. Yokomenuchi Iriminage (two ways)
  2. Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi
  3. Tsuki Kaitennage (omote and ura)
  4. Ushiro Ryokatatori Sankyo (omote and ura)
  5. Morotetori Iriminage (two ways)
  6. Shomenuchi Sankyo (omote and ura)
  7. Suwari Waza: Shomenuchi Nikyo (omote and ura); Shomenuchi Nikyo (omote and ura)
  8. Hanmi-Handachi: Katatetori Shihonage; Katatetori Kaitennage (uchi and soto mawari - both inside (uchi) and outside (soto) movements)

 2nd Kyu

200 days
  1. Shomenuchi Shihonage
  2. Shomenuchi Kaitenage
  3. Yokomenuchi Gokyo
  4. Ushiro Tekubitori Shihonage
  5. Ushiro Tekubitori Jujinage
  6. Ushiro Kubishime Koshinage
  7. Morotetori Nikyo
  8. Hanmi-Handachi: Shomenuchi Iriminage; Katatetori Nikyo; Yokomenuchi Kotegaeshi
  9. Jyuwaza - two persons

 1st Kyu

300 days
  1. Katatori Menuchi - five techniques
  2. Yokomenuchi - five techniques
  3. Morotetori - five techniques
  4. Shomenuchi - five techniques
  5. Ryotetori - five techniques
  6. Koshinage - five techniques
  7. Tantotori
  8. Hanmi-Handachi - Ushiro Waza, five techniques
  9. Jyuwaza - three people


400 days
  1. All of 1st kyo requirements
  2. Tachitori
  3. Jotori
  4. Henkawaza (examiner will call the first technique)
  5. Jyuwaza - four people


600 days
  1. Attend two seminars per year after Sho-Dan
  2. All of Sho-Dan requirements
  3. Tachitori - two people
  4. Jyuwaza - five people
  5. Kaeshiwaza - (examiner will call original technique; that is, apply sankyo against nikyo)


700 days
  1. Attend two seminars per year after Ni-Dan.
  2. Subject of exam to be determined by examiner at the time of the exam.

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