Welcome to the American Indian & Native Studies Program!

The American Indian and Native Studies Program (AINSP) at the University of Iowa is an interdisciplinary program that offers opportunities for all interested students to learn more about key Native American historical experiences and contemporary issues, within North America as well as other regions of the western hemisphere. Our courses and events help students to examine the diversity within indigenous literatures, material culture, belief systems, languages, political and social organization, and economies.  Students also learn to critically examine popular stereotypes of Native peoples, and develop a clearer understanding of the complex connections between past and present that shape the achievements, needs, and resources of Native American communities.


Coursework in AINSP helps to prepare students for careers involving cross-cultural work through experience with ethnic, social and political diversity, and to gain background for more advanced study in a variety of social sciences such as anthropology, psychology, geography, economics, education, history, and political science. A certificate in AINSP also provides essential background for professional training in museum work, health care, business, and law.  Students who pursue a certificate or minor in AINSP learn about the origins, academic contributions, and political impact of the interdisciplinary field of Native American Studies.


The American Indian and Native Studies Program offers three degree options: an undergraduate minor, an undergraduate certificate, and a graduate certificate. Currently, we have more than 40 undergraduate and graduate students pursuing one of these options. All students plan their programs in close cooperation with AINSP faculty advisers.


2011 AINSP Steering Committee

AINSP Steering Committee 2011

Front: Margaret Beck, Glenn Penny
Back: Tom Arne Midtrod, Erica Prussing
Right: Steven Williams
Not pictured: Catherine Komisaruk, Michel Laronde, Laura Rigal




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522 Jefferson Building (as of 9/3/13)

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