AINSP Faculty:

Michelene Pesantubbee (AINS & Religious Studies) Profile
Margaret Beck (Anthropology & AINS) Profile
Phillip Round (English & AINS) Profile


2014-2015 Steering Committee:

Coordinators: Jacki Rand (History) & Erica Prussing (Anthropology & Public Health)

Amber Brian (Spanish & Portuguese, Latin American Studies)
Nicholas Brown (visiting faculty, American Studies/AINSP & Geography)
Tom Arne Midtrød (History)
Laura Rigal (English & American Studies)
Phillip Round (English & AINSP)
Stephen Warren (American Studies & History)
Joshua Miner (graduate student representative, Department of English)
Eric Zimmer (graduate student representative, Department of History)
Kyleshawn Stead (undergraduate student representative, president of Native American Student Association)


Round & Pesantubbee

AINS faculty Phil Round and Michelene Pesantubbee