Welcome to UI's Anthropology Student Organization

What is the ASO all about?

The Anthropology Student Organization is a collection of students of all ages and backgrounds brought together by one thing: their passion for Anthropology. We do not exclude students of majors outside Anthropology as in many cases, Anthropology is a great complement for other majors such as Business or Journalism. Anyone and everyone is welcome to our organization.


Our Mission Statement

Our goal with the ASO@UI is to establish not only a group of friends who share a common interest in the discipline of Anthropology but also to provide access to a vast network of contacts within the field of study. Our members hold interest in various topics and specializations from North American archaeology to global stone tool technology to Caribbean religion and mythology. Whatever your questions regarding anthropology, it is our goal to answer it. And if we can't, then we'll get you in contact with someone who can.

However, we are not strictly an academic organization. Many of our meetings are very social, informal occasions, that can consist of all sorts of activities. In the past, we have had several movie nights, potlucks, and meetings where we simply got together and held conversation. We feel that the ASO meetings are a place for students to come, relax, and enjoy an anthropological atmosphere that they may not find elsewhere. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, feel free to join us!

Miscellaneous Information

There are no dues or fees for the Anthropology Student Organization. Some of our activities may require personal investment, but there are no fees to regularly attend the meetings, to gain access to our resources as Anthropologists and our resources within the Department of Anthropology. In addition, our meeting times and locations are usually sent out via email through the ASO mailing list. Our mailing list is handled by our co-President Elizabeth Fox, whose contact information can be found on the Officers page.