The University of Iowa
Athletics Student Services
Gerdin Athletic Learning Center

The Gerdin Athletic Learning Center is a structured environment designed to provide student athletes with many resources to assist in reaching their academic goals. New and selected returning student athletes are required to attend Learning Center for an assigned number of hours per week. Each sport team designates its own attendance criteria. The Learning Center has lots of space for quiet study. There are plenty of computer terminals where students can work on assignments and there are also rooms available for individual and group tutoring.

The purpose of the University of Iowa Athletics Structured Study Program is to provide student athletes with a framework for developing sound study habits with the goal of becoming independent learners. Selected first year and returning student athletes will be required to participate in the Structured Study Program for an assigned number of hours per week. Students will plan their study program with the assistance of their academic coordinator.

The second floor of the Gerdin Athletics Learning Center provides a comfortable and comprehensive learning environment for students. In this environment, students will be expected to be academically productive and respect other students' educational pursuits. The Athletics Student Services staff will set the tone to create this culture of productivity and respect.

Hours Open for Structured Study Credit:
6:00 pm-10:00 pm Sunday
8:30 am-10 pm Monday thru Thursday
8:30 am-2 pm Friday

The Learning Center building will be open at other times during the week. You may use the study lounges and computer labs during those times, but not for Structured Study Credit.

The Structured Study week will begin on Sunday and end on Friday. Attendance will be reported to coaches on Monday of the following week.

Only student-athletes will be allowed to use the Learning Center resources. Only 4th and 5th year students are allowed to use the Upper Class Study Lounge.

Learning Center Rules

To ensure that the Learning Center is an environment conducive to learning, there are several rules that all student athletes are expected to follow. Failure to comply with these rules will be reported to the appropriate coaching staff.

1) No FOOD, DRINK, or TOBACCO shall be brought into the Learning Center. If you bring any of these items in, you will be asked to leave until you have finished them. There is a water fountain available in the LC for your use.

2) Cellphones may not be used in the Learning Center.

3) The LC computers are available ONLY for academic use. There will be no games or non-academic web surfing and e-mail allowed. The same rule applies for personal lap top computers while in the LC. Repeated disregard for this rule may result in a student losing the privilege of using the computers.

4) To be respectful of those studying, talking should be kept to a minimum in the quiet study area.

5) To promote an academic environment, we ask students to keep feet off the furniture, refrain from any type of vandalism, and dress appropriately for an academic setting.

6) DO NOT CHECK INTO LC FOR ANYONE OTHER THAN YOURSELF. Fraudulent check-ins will be reported to the appropriate coaching staff.

7) Do not check in to Learning Center without bringing work to do (eg: books, notebook, pen, etc.)

8) When you are done studying, you are expected to check out. If you want credit for a certain period of time, you must study that entire time.

9) If students are being too loud, staff members will a) warn students to be quiet b) ask noisy students to separate
c) dismiss students without credit for time put in


To check-in for LC, first click the "check in" link. Enter your SS# into the computer. Select the activity you will be doing for the pulldown menu, then click the "check in" button. The computer will record your checkin time.

To check out of the LC, find your name on the list of current users. Click the "check out" link next to your name. On the page that pops up, double check that the SS# listed is yours. Click the checkout button. Your current time recorded in the Learning Center will then be displayed.

If you have any difficulties checking in or out, alert the monitor immediately.