Don't Risk Your Eligibility

Under no circumstances may you:

1. Have a tutor draft or type your papers.

2. Have a tutor complete your homework problems

3. Ask or allow your tutor to contact a TA or professor.

4. Plagiarize or ask your tutor to plagiarize work.

5. Have your tutor as an exam proctor.

6. Receive money from your tutor (this includes loans)

7. Receive gifts or food from your tutor.

8. Receive a ride or borrow a car from your tutor.

9. Expect payment to a tutor that has not been approved by the athletics department.



Don't jeopardize your eligibility!

Tutoring is a student's responsibility and privilege.


1. Do not procrastinate. Use tutors regularly throughout the semester, rather than waiting until your academic situation becomes desperate.

2. Be prompt for your appointment and meet at the Athletic Learning Center.

3. Keep tutoring appointments. If, for some reason (illness, injury or travel), you cannot keep your tutoring appointmnet, notify the tutor or athletic coordinator ahead of time.

4. Bring your syllabus to the first tutoring session and discuss upcoming assignments, papers, and exams.

5. Come prepared for each tutoring session with reading assignments completed, questions in mind and all class material.

6. Be honest and persistent. If you do not understand, ask.

7. Two no shows constitute loss of tutoring privilege.


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