Academic Impact Policy

The Presidential Committee on Athletics (PCA) seeks to minimize the disruption of student-athletes' academic responsibilities caused by schedules of competition. Thus the Academic Achievement Advisory Subcommittee recommendations shall be guided by a policy, supported by the Athletic Department, that follows these principles:

  • A. During the regular season sports schedule, a student-athlete may miss no more than eight class days per semester due to the scheduling of athletic events. (If travel commences prior to 12:00 noon, it constitutes 1 class day missed; if travel commences between noon and 3pm, it constitutes 1/2 day missed; travel commencing after 3pm does not count as missed class time; teams who return on a class day between 8am and noon will be assesed 1/2 day missed; teams who return on a class day after 12:00 noon will be assessed 1 day missed.) Big Ten and NCAA Championships and NCAA approved post-season events do not count in the regular season sports schedule.


  • B. Any competition involving trips to foreign countries need to be reviewed by the Subcommittee.


  • C. No competitions, either on-campus or off-campus, other than those scheduled by the Big Ten Conference or the NCAA, may be schedules during the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) proir to final examinations or the week of final examinations.


  • D. Travel for competition the week prior to final examinations shall be kept to a minimum.


Exceptions to these recommendations must be submitted to the Director of Athletics and to the PCA for approval before any agreements are signed.