Guided Independent Study and Web-Based Courses

A student who wishes to take a guided independent study course or a web-based course must have that course approved PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT by

1. the academic advisor
2. the Director of Athletics Student Services
3. the Registrar.

Courses not approved by these individuals prior to enrollment DO NOT count toward meeting progress towards degree requirements for athletic eligibility.

Procedures for Enrollment

1. Before enrolling in a guided independent study course, pick up a Guided Independent Study Catalog from the Center for Credit Programs (116 International Center).
2. Discuss with your athletics academic coordinator the course you wish to take.
3. Take the Student Athlete Application for GUided Independent Study form to your academic advisor for his/her signature.
4. The academic advisor will send the form back to Athletics Student Services for the Director's signature. The Director sends it to the Registrar.
5. Registrar signs and returns it to Athletics Student Services for filing.