University of Iowa Requirements for Progress Towards Degree

Presidential Commitee on Athletics
Minimum Schedule of Requirements by Semester

By end of...
# of Enrolled Hours
Minimum # of Courses Passed
First Semester, 1st Year
2 required courses
Second Semester, 1st Year
4 required courses
First Semester, 2nd Year
6 required courses and 1 course in possible major
Second Semester, 2nd Year
8 required courses and 2 courses in possible major
First Semester, 3rd Year
10 required courses, at least 1 semester of language and 3 courses in major
Second Semester, 3rd Year
12 required courses, at least 2 semesters of language and at least 5 courses in major
First Semester, 4th Year
13 required courses, 3 semesters of language and at least 7 courses in major
Second Semester, 4th Year
Completed major and language requirements and made up any required courses failed or dropped

Hours Per Semester: The UI requires student-athletes to enroll in at least 14 hours per semester.

Degree Requirements: Student athletes must pass a minimum of two courses each semester that fulfill general education program requirements, major requirements or courses required upon admission.

Foreign Language: If you are held to a foreign language requirement upon admission, you must enroll in the required sequence no later than the first semester of your third year of enrollment. Exceptions to this requirement are for transfer students (primarily from community colleges who upon admission may not be academically prepared to begin the language sequence) and students with documented learning disabilities who are granted course exceptions.

Exceptions to UI Requirements: Exceptions to these requirements may be made by the Academic Achievement Advisory Committee of the Presidential Committee on Athletics on the recommendation of the Associate Athletics Director. Requests for exceptions must be accompanied by a Plan of Study detailing when the student will take the course(s) being postponed. Adherence with the Plan of Study will be monitored by the Academic Achievement Advisory Committee at the end of each seemster. If a student falls behind this schedule because of failed or dropped courses, he or she will be strongly encouraged to get back on schedule by taking courses during the summer session.

If a student is in their last term and wishes to be part time (eg: less than 12 s.h.), he or she must be enrolled in meaningful coursework consisting of at least 6 credit hours. A request must be submitted to the Associate Athletics Director.

Summer Credit Hours from Other Schools/Courses by Correspondence/Independent Study: Such credit may count toward meeting satisfactory progress requirements for athletics eligibility provided the Admissions Office (if appropriate), your academic advisor, your instructor (if appropriate), the Associate Athletics Director for Student Services and the Registrar grant approval PRIOR to your enrollment in the course(s).