NCAA Special Assistance Fund

The NCAA Special Assistance Funds are available but not guaranteed to the following students:

1. Pell-eligible students;

2. Students receiving athletic scholarships who have unmet financial need;

3. Foreign students who have unmet financial need.

Permissible uses of the funds are:

1. Medical and dental costs not covered by another insurance program (e.g. hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, off-campus psychological counseling);

2. Costs associated with student or family emergencies;

3. Costs of expendable academic course supplies (e.g. notebook, pens) and rental of non-expendable supplies (e.g. computer equipment and cameras) that are required for all students enrolled in a course;

4. Cost of clothing and other essential expenses.

To find out if you are eligible;

Pell-eligible students - get an application in Athletics Student Services;

Other students - file a FAFSA with the Office of Student Financial Aid;

Foreign students - contact the Director of Athletics Student Services.