Summer School and Fifth Year Aid


Summer school athletics aid is available but not guaranteed. You must go through an application process and be approved before you receive any athletics financial aid for summer classes.

Application process:

1) Meet in late March or April with your athletics counselor about your plans for summer school, the courses you want to take and how attending summer school fits into your plan of study and eventual graduation.
2) Complete an application form and submit it with a written request to the Director of Athletics Student Services.
3) Arrange a personal interview with the Director who makes the decision on awarding summer school aid.

Criteria for awarding aid:

1) Only students who were on tender during the immediate previous year;
2) Student is taking courses at UI;
3) Student needs credit hours to be eligible; or
4) Student needs required course that cannot be taken during the year; or
5) Student needs courses to graduate in 4 years;
6) Student has not previously requested summer school aid.



Athletics financial aid is available but not guaranteed to fifth-year students in order to complete their degrees. The application process varies however, depending upon whether you have eligibility remaining.

If you will be a fifth-year student with eligibility remaining, your tender will be renewed with your coach's recommendation. This holds true even if you have completed your degree and are continuing on in a graduate program or beginning a second bachelor's degree program. This process is the same as regular scholarship renewals.

If you will be a fifth-year student who has exhausted your eligibility but have not yet earned your degree, you must submit a written request and have a personal interview with the Director of Athletics Student Services who grants the award. This aid is not guaranteed and will be denied if circumstances warrant.

Criteria for awarding fifth-year aid:

1. a conscientious effort towards fulfilling degree requirements;
2. head coach recommendation;
3. cumulative grade point average and total hours earned;
4. major and degree sought;
5. extent to which all degree requirements have been completed;
6. number of remaining degree requirements;
7. amount of previously received athletics financial aid (tender).