Student athletes have the privilege of registering during the first three days of Early Registration each semester. This allows you to register around practice and contest times.


1. Meet in advance with your athletics counselor and university assigned adviser to build your schedule;
2. get your registration number and date/time of your registration from your adviser;
3. get all necessary special permission numbers and signatures that may be required for certain courses;
4. clear all university debt;
5. be sure you have complete health records on file.


Add: Once classes have begun, courses may be added before the add deadline with the signatures of both your academic adviser and instructor on a Change of Registration form. The form must be processed at the Registration Center. Students can add semester-length courses through the end of the 3rd week of the semester.

Drop: To drop a course before the drop deadline, you must get signatures from your academic adviser, your instructor, and the Director of Athletics Student Services. The form must also be processed at the Registration Center. Students may drop semester-length courses through the end of the 12th week of the semester. Before dropping a course, consider the implications on your athletics eligibility and discuss those implications with your athletics counselor. Often, dropping a course could result in going below the required number of hours for that semester or put you in violation of a number of other regulations. See your athletics counselor for more details.