The University of Iowa
Athletic Student Services
Academic Overview

Academic Counseling and Monitoring
Athletics coordinators work closely with student-athletes from the time they arrive until the time they graduate. These relationships, based on mutual trust and respect, offer the stability students need to flourish. They also help to personalize the campus environment, giving students a sense of belonging. Counselors work closely with the students' university assigned advisors on academic planning matters-goal setting, plans of study, schedule building, choosing majors and degree reequirements. They help students understand NCAA, Big Ten and UI academic policies that affect their academic progress. In their work with students and coaches, athletics counselors are held to the highest standards of honesty, fairness and professional ethics.

Tutoring is available to all student athletes, free of charge. Tutors, who are post-graduates and teachers, help with course content as well as study strategies. Tutors are available in virtually all general education program subjects including natural sciences, mathematics, social sciences and humanities.
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Learning Center
Learning Center is a multifaceted study environment where students work together with their academic coordinators and selected tutors. Students can work with tutors individually or in small groups or work in a quiet area. They also participate in life skills and study strategy seminars. The Gerdin Athletic Learning Center is conveniently located behind Slater Residence Hall. (Additional Information)

A major goal of the Athletics Department is the retention and graduation of its students. The retention program identifies student athletes who may need tailored academic assistance and structure, then implements learning plans to help them succeed. Such services and programs include counseling, tutoring, study groups, daily and weekly planning sessions with academic coordinators and mainstreaming into on-campus services like reading, writing and math labs.