The University of Iowa
Athletic Student Services


Mission and Philosophy
The University of Iowa Athletics Student Services Office offers academic and personal

support services to student-athletes to assist them to make timely and satisfactory progress toward their degrees. The Athletics Student Services Staff is dedicated to our profession and our constituents, particularly to the success and development as whole persons of our student-athletes. This development includes eliciting values of character, education, willingness, commitment, leadership, teamwork, quality of life and meaningfulness.

As our motto, "Today's Hawkeyes are Tomorrow's Leaders" suggests, we have set ourselves the task of helping to mold our student athletes into future leaders.

Our Skills
Knowledge about student development
Knowledge of UI academic requirements
Knowledge of NCAA regulations and procedures
Expertise in selected educational, administrative and technical areas
Human Relations

Our Values
Character Leadership Education Personal Development Caring Awareness
Knowledge Understanding Communication
Personalized and equitable service
Responsibility Commitment Integrity Excellence

Goals and Functions
Maximize the opportunity for student-athletes to achieve academic success.
Maximize each student athlete's opportunities to develop as a whole person, particularly in the areas of character, leadership, personal management, goal-setting, knowledge of life issues, and community service.
Administer a comprehensive compliance program so that all staff and student athletes act in accordance with NCAA, Big Ten and University regulations.
Provide ongoing evaluation of Athletics Student Services programs, procedures and staff performance.