polk county banquet

"The Polk County Banquet was a great chance for the seniors to meet with some of the state's elite business people and network for employment opportunities. The event was done in a first class manner, giving us a great impression of the Iowa business atmosphere. The chance to meet so many individuals from so many different areas of work gives us the chance to find multiple possibilities for a future employer. Even if you weren't looking for a job, the networking available is a huge asset to future plans. Overall, I was very impressed with the night and would definitely recommend the event to future seniors"
Jason Smith, Basketball

"The Polk County Banquet is an excellent chance for seniors to meet and make connections with many prominent business people in Iowa. This banquet is not only fun, but also extremely beneficial in furthering career opportunities for the future. Even if students may not be interested in staying in the state of iowa, many of the business people in attendance work for large companies with offices around the United States or even the world. This is a great opportunity to see your senior classmates one more time before your departure from the University of Iowa, make some business contacts and also have a lot of fun."
Megan Kearney, Tennis

"A student-athlete's senior year at the University of Iowa is filled with several emotions. There is the joy of success in completing one of the biggest challenges of our lives and there is the sadness of leaving something that has been such a big part of our lives. One of the big highlights of the year is attending the Polk County Dinner in Des Moines. In addition to providing us with the opportunity to be recognized for our achievements on the playing field, it gives us the opportunity to present ourselves to the community away from our respective sports. It is an honor to be recognized and commended on the work it took to complete the grueling task of being a student and an athlete. It is wonderful to have the opportunity to market ourselves to the business people of Iowa while reuniting one last time with men and women that we have known and grown with over the last four years."
Gina Shannon, Track

"…I also think that overall it was great practice for me and fellow graduates talking and networking with professionals. It made me feel more at east and confident in terms of future interviews and conversations with potential employers. It was a useful and realistic setting for the future"
Ellen Thompson, Soccer

"I think that the Polk County dinner was a great opportunity for the graduating Hawkeye athletes. I made several contacts and got an interview through the dinner…I have friends who are athletes at another Big Ten University and when I told them about the Polk County Dinner, they both agreed that it sounded like something they would appreciate at their school."
Becca Schwartz, Swimming

"…This dinner, an Iowa tradition, is part of the wider philosophy of Iowa's athletic department to ensure positive development both on the field and in the always looming 'real world.'"
Kevin Agnew, Gymnastics