General Expenditures

  1. Sales tax:  Are you aware that all purchases made in the State of Iowa as well as goods shipped to the State of Iowa should be tax exempt?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. Tell the vendor that the University of Iowa is tax exempt from State sales taxes and give the tax exempt number 42-6004813.

  2. Purchases from University Faculty or Staff:  Are you aware there is a policy regarding purchases from faculty or staff?

  3. Expenditure of Funds on Deposit with University Allied Organizations:  Do you know the general policy regarding funds on deposit with allied organizations?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. General policy. Funds in allied organizations intended for support of the University shall be transferred to the University for expenditure rather than be expended directly from the allied organization. Expenditures on behalf of the University involving equipment, building construction or renewal, or as compensation for a University employee must be transferred to a University account where they will be subject to the Board of Regents' and the University's policies. Funds on Deposit with Allied Organizations . (

  4. Rewards and Recognition Program:  Are you aware there is site you can review regarding rewards and recognition?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. General Education Funds may be used for business-related items, e.g. training and conference expenses, journal subscriptions, membership fees-those expenses that assist or improve an employee's performance. Low cost awards to show appreciation for staff, e.g. personalized plaques, certificates, cups or trophies may be bought with General Fund money. Developing a written recognition program will benefit your department should an auditing agency question your use of funds. (

  5. Technology Allowance Policy:  Are you aware there is a Technology Allowance policy?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. University employees who meet the eligibility requirements for business use will be given a predetermined amount of supplemental compensation to cover the approximate monthly cost of a cell phone or cellular PDA, and/or remote Internet service.  Additional information can be found in the Technology Allowance policy at the below link: (

  6. Low Dollar Purchasing:  Are you familiar with procurement card purchasing and E-buy?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. A procurement credit card is available to departments to obtain low-cost, non-equipment items. Departments may have as many cards as required to reasonably meet such procurement needs. With this authority, the department assumes the responsibility to comply with all state, Regent, and University policies governing procurement operations. See the Purchasing Policies and Procedures Guide ( for detailed procurement credit card procedures.
    • E-buy streamlines the purchasing process and helps ensure you receive University discounted/contracted pricing.  E-buy can be accessed via the University Self Service web site by clicking on the Administrative tab and navigating to the E-Pro (E-Vouchers & PReqs) link.

  7. Iowa Gift Law:  Are you familiar with the Iowa gift law?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. The Iowa state "gift law" informs us that no more than $3.00 a day is legal to buy something for a person who has authority over aspects of your employment, i.e. supervisors. This is to ensure that neither positive nor negative consequences from a gift would arise for staff.