1. Does the department advise employees that the meal limits are limits on spending, not a per diem?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. Travel regulations state that meal claims should reflect actual/reasonable expense not to exceed the maximum daily allowance.

  2. Are travelers allowed to enter more than one trip per Travel Expense Voucher?

    • Ideal Answer: NO. A Travel Expense Voucher should only be for one trip. Employees who travel daily should not enter multiple trips on one voucher.

  3. Is the travel workflow routing pre-determined in your area?

    • Ideal Answer: YES. The workflow administrator for your area should have assigned a designated route to match the first account being charged.

  4. If the traveler is not a U of I employee and cannot access workflow, are procedures in place that provide for documentation of the traveler's participation?

    • Ideal Answer: YES.  The non-university traveler must sign the completed "ProTrav Acknowledgement of Expenses form."  The Department must submit this form to workflow as an attachment to the completed Travel Expense Voucher.