Selected Publications

Fossil Ancestors of Burma

To document the origin of the higher primates, paleoanthropologists have retraced the steps of a 1923 expedition.
Published in Natural History November, 1985

Primate postcrania from the late middle Eocene of Myanmar
Published in PNAS, July 2001 (PDF Format)

The Ape that Was

Asian fossils reveal humanity's giant cousin
Published in Natural History November, 1991

Early Homo and associated artifacts from Asia.
Published in Nature Vol 378 No. 6554 16 November 1995
Dated co-occurrence of Homo erectus and Gigantopithecus from Tham Khuyen Cave, Vietnam.
Published in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA Vol. 93 pp. 3016- 3020 April 1996 (PDF Format)
Early hominids began leaving Africa for Asia almost one million years earlier than previously thought. What drove these migrations?
Published by American Scientist, November-December, 1996
Indonesian cultivators play a crucial role in the search for Human Origins.
Published in Natural History July-August, 1999
New 40Ar/39Ar dates show that Homo erectus reached the Sangiran Dome at least 1.5 million years ago.
Published in PNAS, April 2001 (PDF Format)
Early Homo erectus Tools Found in China
Published in Archaeological Institute of America 2000
New Evidence shows that a venerable cave was neither hearth nor home.
Published in Natural History, March 2001
Large Carnivores as a Taphonomic Factor at Zhoukoudian

This Article suggests Homo erectus remains were transported into the cave by hyaenids.

Zhoukoudian is actually an ancient Hyena den.


Mapping and taphonomic analysis of Homo erectus loci at Zhoukoudian

This article presents a digitized three-dimensional model of the Zhoukoudian excavation.
Journal of Human Evolution, vol. 46, pp. 519-549 (2004)

Wars and vegetation continue to take a toll on one of the world's great clutural wonders.
Published in Natural History January, 1990

Laos Keeps Its Urns

A peaceful Indochina prompts a return to the legendary Plain of Jars.
Published in Natural History September, 1995